Rules for the mediation procedure

The Association has Rules for the Mediation Procedure, approved by the Minutes of the General Meeting of the Founders of 09.06.2018.

These Rules regulate the types of disputes, the settlement of which is carried out in accordance with these Rules; the procedure for the selection or appointment of mediators; the procedure for the parties to participate in the costs associated with the mediation procedure; information about the standards and rules of professional activity of mediators established by the Association; the procedure (regulation) of the mediation procedure, including the rights and obligations of the parties during the mediation procedure, the specifics of the mediation procedure in the settlement of certain categories of disputes and other conditions for the mediation procedure. The parties to the dispute have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Rules for the mediation procedure when signing a tripartite agreement on the mediation procedure, within the framework of the mediation procedure.

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