Mediation Volunteers is not another ordinary volunteer movement, but a whole large concept of development of the conciliation procedures (mediation, negotiation, intermediation), which includes various programs, trainings, projects and promotions that primarily contribute to resolving problematic issues and obstacles to the development of conciliation procedures at any level and on any issues of social relations.

Besides this, the essence of the Mediation Volunteers concept is constructing an ideology and a culture of open, positive communication in the society based on the principles of respect and observance of human rights regardless of race, gender, religion, social status, income level, health status or physical disabilities.

In this regard, the projects of the Association related to the development of such course of action as «School Mediation Volunteers» are very important. This course of action is focused on the formation of cooperation and partnership in the society, as well as laying the foundations for the upbringing of future generations based on humanistic values that put human life, well-being, harmonious individual development, positive social interaction in the first place. In fact, this course of action forms a new person-citizen as an integral unit of society, whose relationships are built based on peace and brotherhood. Integration and development of the «School Mediation Volunteers» course of action in the educational environment will make it possible to extend the positive practice of peaceful and constructive interaction and conflict resolution to other spheres of Russian society (social, economic, political), and will also contribute to the formation of a prosperous, humane and safe social environment. In order to achieve the stated objectives, the Association, together with the Municipal Budgetary Organization «Psychological, Educational, Medical and Social Assistance Center of Vladivostok» and the Department operating Municipal Educational Institutions of the Administration of Vladivostok, launched projects such as «Children teach children» and «”Vladivostok, A City of Peace and Kindness”», and  also established a competition for the «Best service of school mediation in Vladivostok».

Any person who shares the goals and objectives of the Association and who is not indifferent to the problems of children, family, business and partnerships, creating a culture of positive conflict-free communication, safe space and building a society and a State of «Peace and Good», can become a Mediation volunteer.

At the moment, the Association is working on another large project, the implementation of which will take place in 2021. The new project is aimed to solve the problem of accessibility and openness of School Mediation Services for all participants of the general education process and will allow more effective conflict resolution among participants in the education process at all levels.

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