Association governing bodies

The governing bodies of the Association are:

– the supreme collegial representative management body – General meeting of members (conference) of the Association;

– the Full acting sole representative and executive management body – the President of the Association;

– collegial governing body – the Presidium of the Association.

The Association has created an Honorary Council of the Association, which may consist of both members of the organization and other third parties (individuals and legal entities) who have special statuses, regalia, scientific achievements, indisputable business reputation, influence and merits on the political, economic, social, international arena, and who share and support the statutory goals of the Association. The Honorary Council of the Association is not the governing body of the organization and does not carry out economic activities in the Association.

Along with the above management bodies, the Association can also create Departments, Administrations, Managements and Committees (Commissions).

The controlling (supervisory) body of the Association is the Ethics and Membership Committee.

By decision of the Presidium of the Association, along with other bodies, a Control and Audit Commission (Auditor) of the Association, as well as, in the cases specified in the Charter, the Supervisory Board of the Association may be created.

The President of the Association is Lykova Natalia Andreevna.

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