Mediation and negotiations as a way of alternative dispute resolution

Today, within the framework of joint events with the Main Department of the Ministry of Justice for the Primorsky Territory, the President of the Association, Natalia Lykova, and the mediators of the Association, Shtitelman Iosif and Chekhovskaya Natalia, spoke live on the regional radio station ” Radio of Russia»: Primorye” on the topic: “Mediation and negotiations as a way of alternative dispute resolution”.

During the radio broadcast, the mediators of the Association explained the difference between the roles of a mediator and a negotiator and the one of a psychologist, in what areas of activity it is possible to use mediation and negotiations and the peculiarities of a mediation procedure and a negotiation process, as well as rules and guidelines of the procedures, and also answered a number of other questions of the host.

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