Radio broadcast

Today, as part of joint events with the Main Department of Justice of Russia for Primorsky Krai, psychotherapist of the Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, professional mediator of the Association, Shtelman Iosif Pavlovich, head of the school mediation service of Secondary School №6, Deputy Director for educational work Filchakova Elena Vladimirovna, student of the Vladivostok branch of the Russian Customs Academy, Curator of the school mediation service of the Secondary School №6, Kutas Margarita Alekseevna took part in the radio broadcast «Radio of Russia: Primorye», as well as «Vesti FM Vladivostok» on the topic «School mediation, legal protection of children and supervision».

During the broadcast, experts discussed the issues of conflicts in the school environment and their prevention, including through the School Curator project, the work of project volunteers, psychologists, mediators and lawyers in schools and their results, the formation of a volunteer movement within the framework of the project, discussed issues of interaction between schools and project volunteers, the need and necessity for the project.

P.S.: The School Curator is a citywide socially oriented project for the development of school mediation in the general education environment of the Vladivostok city, organized by the Association of Mediators and Intermediaries of the APR and the Department for Work with Municipal Educational Institutions of the Vladivostok administration, the essence of which is to assist schools in the development of school mediation and school mediation services, prevention, avoidance and resolution of school conflicts, legal education of participants in the educational process about the rights and responsibility for their illegal actions, thereby forming a socially responsible person who can resolve disputes using civilizational methods – negotiation,  and has positive communication skills, can cope with negative emotions and manage conflict behavior, in helping schools resolve personnel issues in terms of the availability of specialists and experts of various fields — psychologists, conflictologists, lawyers, teachers, and the formation of a volunteer movement in the school environment.

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