The radio broadcast

Today, in the framework of joint events with the General Directorate of Justice of Russia for the Primorsky Territory, the President of the Association Lykova Natalia Andreevna, Psychotherapist of the Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, professional mediator of the Association Shtitelman Iosif Pavlovich, assistant prosecutor of the Vladivostok city, 1st class lawyer Bokievets Yaroslava Vitalievna, took part in the radio broadcast «Radio of Russia: Primorye», as well as «Vesti FM Vladivostok» on the topic «Juvenile delinquency and restorative justice». Within the framework of the broadcast, experts explained what school mediation and restorative justice are, what they are needed for, about their effectiveness and advantages over punishment, told about the reasons for juvenile offenses and the possibility of correcting the behavior of a teenager who has repeatedly committed offenses and is registered with juvenile commissions. The issues of legal responsibility for offenses and crimes committed by adolescents, types of responsibility, categories of offenses and crimes committed, as well as the age at which the administrative and criminal responsibility of minors begins were touched upon.

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